Academy at Ocean Reef

The solution: a pre-school 3-8 school with superior academic standards and a creative program that takes advantage of all the Reef has to offer including sailing, fishing, snorkeling, diving, tennis among others. The Academy welcomes visiting students who often bring the curriculum from their home school for stays as short as one week, but sometimes as long as a semester. Home schools often report that the visiting ORC Academy student demonstrates surprising academic growth and a refreshed outlook upon their return.

The Academy provides a standard education for the students living at Ocean Reef Club. Ranging in age from 3 to 14, these welcoming children offer immediate friendship to visitors and are happy to share their classrooms. As one student put it, “the visiting kids make life more interesting.”

Life at The Academy is definitely interesting. The school offers field trips to wildlife refuges all over South Florida with programs and projects that help students develop a sense of appreciation for and responsibility to protect their environment. Upon graduation, Academy students are expert on aquatic and land-based species and appreciate the delicate balance of the natural forces in the environment. Nonetheless, the 3 Rs flourish here too in the pleasant, relaxed atmosphere of the Club. These children know they are lucky; it’s one of the reasons they’re willing to work hard in a school which, like everything else at ORC, encourages the pursuit and appreciation of excellence.

Visit The Academy’s website at or call 305.367.2409 for a private consultation.

Academy at Ocean Reef

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